Planning News

For further information about planning proposals and what is happening on-site, please contact us at or on 020 7582 7766

Latest planning proposals

A Section 96A Non Material Amendment application was submitted to the Local Planning Authority on 18 November 2016 to remove the Suite Hotel use out of the East Office and replace it with retail use at ground and office use at mezzanine levels.

A temporary planning application was submitted on 21 December 2016 for relocation of the existing substation.

What’s happening on-site?

  • Demolition of Wendle Court commenced on 5 September 2016.
  • A Building Contractor has been appointed to commence building the new Hostel and piling for the Affordable Housing at Wendle Court, with a start on site date of March 2017.
  • Enabling works, site investigations and surveys have commenced on the main site (ex-Cap Gemini area).